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First Strike Final Hour for your desktop device is coming.


We were quiet here for some time and there were two possible explanations:

  1. We all went to Mexico and forgot about First Strike.
  2. Something big is coming.

We are really happy to announce, that the second option was the true one and what is coming is First Strike Final Hour – nuclear war in deluxe, blowing up the world on your desktop-device!


What you can do now is to tell us about your ideas, which can help us make the game even better!

Please, drop us a line here: www.firststrike-finalhour.com

We are really happy, that so many people played First Strike all around the world. And Moritz (CEO of Blindflug Studios) wants to thank you all in person:

And precisely because we are so happy, we are selling First Strike for half the price this week.