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First Strikes Flight Through Greenlight – Week 3: “Destination Reached”



I guess this is it. I’ve been expecting this to be a longer series of blog entires, but First Strike made it! on 29th of december, just before its launch year ended, First Strike HD got greenlit on Steam!

First: Thank you very much everyone for helping making that happen!


When First Strike entered the Top 100 last week, the exposure didn’t turn down, everything went as smooth and stable as before. The votes kept coming in and we were quite surprised how fast the game rose upwards in the ranks.

On average, First Strike went up about 15 ranks/day while being in the Top 100. Before it was greenlit, the highest rank was #23, which was reached with 6’483 votes. So it took First Strike a total of 18 days to get through Greenlight.


Even in the end, we never got that degrading graph many others had in the list. Instead it was a steady climb into the Top 30 ranks until it got greenlit. We still aren’t sure, if that curve are titles which were rated with the old system (before greenlight voting lists came into steam).

Anyhow, its really cool, that the amount of yes votes were stable till the end. there is no sign, that we had a better ratio when we put out our newsletter. So even in the end there was a very solid ratio of 58% yes votes to 36% no votes and 6% ask me later.


So, thats the grand total for three weeks. With a solid enough steam icon, you can get 500 – 1500 unique visitors/day for your game. usually, about 2/3 of the visitors will actually vote for the game.  If you got a good game concept, about 50% yes votes should be no problem, which makes around 200-500 yes votes/day.

As noted before, around 4’500 votes should be enough to reach the top 100.


So, what does this mean for First Strike? Will it launch within the next week?

No, it wont, that would be rushed. We still haven’t implemented many many of the features from the mobile version into HD. We are still missing:

     * The Iron Dome Defense System
     * The Cobalt Rocket
     * The new First Strike Highlighting System
     * The Superweapon Selector
     * The Updated quick Defense System
     * A new Difficulty Mode for experienced players
     * The 1.2 Codebase, which much more stable and reliable than the old one
     * The Ability to accurately cancel Screen Resolution Changes
     * More Detailed Visual Effects Control
     * All of the Steam Functionaity 

And that is just the basic stuff we’d need to do to make it work for PC and Mac, who knows there might be one or two other things we could add to make the desktop version a bit more special. There are a good junk of about 22 weapon ideas we still have in our desk, maybe we can make another one or two.

But, as some of you might know, we are currently working full time on our second game which will launch in Spring 2015. So First Strike HD will have to wait a bit. But we are confident we will get it properly done till Summer 2015.

So yea, we really weren’t prepared for it going so fast, but thank you very much!

Cheers to 2015, we will make you a great First Strike version, may the next year be as awesome as 2014 was!