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First Strikes Flight Through Greenlight – Week 2: “Into The Ranking Space”



And we are into the Top 100! We didn’t expect it to only take two weeks. But here we are firmly at Number 88 :).
Having reached that Milestone, the following question is now “And what happens now?”

It’s an interesting question. having heard of titles who are getting Greenlit as fast as they enter the Top 100 like the splendid looking Drift Stage last week for example, begs the question: Who is in the Top 100 then? Who are those Games sitting in the Top 10 that are not being Greenlit? Who is the dashboard comparing us to exactly?

Before August 2014, all Greenlight titles got greenlit in Batches of 50-100 titles compiled by Valve, so it made sense, that there are big titles waiting for greenlight in the Top 10. But these days, when interesting titles get greenlit as soon as they enter the Top 100, the top 10 must be titles, that for some reason dont get released. Is that an accurate comparison?


Anyway, having a look at the stats:

Right now we are having 4’564 Yes votes. Just as an information piece, the amount we needed to enter the Top 100 was exactly 4’383 Yes votes.

We are now at something between half and a third of the visitors a Top 50 Projects. Which is exactly double what it was last week. We certainly haven’t hit the drop yet.
In this time we gained another 100 favourites, slightly less than last week. However, the amount of “Yes” votes is doublet that of last week as well. So while less people follow us now, there is still a huge ratio of people voting yes.


This is also reflected in the pie chart. which is almost the same as last week. Last week we had a 56% / 38% ratio, this week it is 56% / 37% (wait, isnt that missing 1%?). This is very nice to hear, since we expected it to drop significantly once all our existing fans stopped coming in.

The cumulative graph is more interesting. This weeks projects we are compared against all show a curve we’ve seen quite a lot: Strong peak in the first 3-4 days, and then hitting the drop. Now, it could very well be, that these games are on greenlight since before the queue system which guarantees more views, but it is still weird, that ours (and that #15 titles, which also must be new) graph shows a steady climb in comparison.


Speaking of steady climb: last week wednesday, while we aere making this post, was by far our strongest day ever. One explenation could be because we launched our newsletters around that time, but the other big thing that happened during that day was Hatred.

The whole drama of Hatred being banned of Greenlight and then getting reinstated was everywhere in the Gaming Blogs.Hatred, as we knew from the blog posts, rocketed from 0 to #7 within hours and might very well be the reason, that there was more traffic on Greenlight that day.

So, what happens next week now that we are in the Top 100? I’m very excited to see how long it will take now to get Greenlit, of course I doubt Valve is very active during the Holiday season. Which is cool since it might mean, that we can watch this Greenlight thing a bit longer

Happy Holidays and till next week (or maybe not, will be the 31 first after all)