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First Strikes Flight Through Greenlight – Week 1: “Halfway There”



It has been one week since First Strike HD has been on Greenlight. We’ve been very excited to check on it almost hourly to see how it develops. We decided to share our experiences here for other devs and people interested on how Greenlight works.

Thanks to the help of good friend David Stark we knew the fundamental basics of Greenlight.

  • You need about 4’500 Yes votes to get into the Top 100
  • If you reach the Top 100 you are eligible to be picked to be greenlit
  • Most important assets: The square Icon and the Movie that autoplays at the beginning
  • If you have a decent concept, your ratio will be mostly a 50/50 split for yes & no
  • The most important time is at the first week when people look at their Greenlight lists
  • After an initial exposure phase you hit a significant drop at some point

Before we continue: Please take a minute to look at Davids amazing “Airships” Game. It is absolutely glorious and only needs a few dozen more votes for the entry into the Top 100!

Check it out here on Greenlight!


ok? did you see that? how cool was that? :O

Next, lets look at the dashboard we get from our page:


As you can see, we are here measured against the average of the Top 50, which is sure to contain some quite famous (or infamous as in recent developments) game concepts as well. After one week, we managed to get around 1/4th of the views and favorites of an average Top 50 Title.

Out of 5’357 views, 134 people decided to favorite our game and 151 follow us as a developer. We think that means, they will get notified when we do a new announcement.

The grand total are 2’198 yes votes. That puts us 50% on the way to the Top 100. From what we know, you need to reach the Top 100 to be eligible for Valve to have you greenlit.


Concerning our ratio, we have an above average 56% yes to a 39% no rate. Which isn’t very surprising, considering we also spread the news of our Greenlight Campaign to the people who downloaded First Strike 1.2 on iOS and Android. While we don’t really know how many actually came to vote for us, we are pretty certain they voted yes

The chart on the right is kind of a running joke in the office since it took us hours to figure out and even then doesn’t really prove that useful. It charts you against random entries in the Top 100 (#5, #10, #15, #20 and #100) in total votes over time on Greenlight.

Now as you can see, #10 and #100 got way less votes than we did while #15 and #20 outperformed us almost double at the start. What can we deduct from that? I have no clue. I guess we can say, for now its going quite good.


Our total statistic tells us that the stream of votes has been quite steady for now, no drop yet. of course the first day when we were new and the weekends outperformed the weekdays here.

This graph will probably be more exciting over the next weeks when there is more data.

Were very excited on how week 2 will fare and when the votes will stop flowing. Until then: Thank you all very very much for voting and commenting. The comments section always puts a smile on our faces, you guys really make our day. Thanks and till next week!