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The Man Who Saved The World: Vasili Arkhipov


Do you ever heard about Vasili Arkhipov? Me neither – but since I read an article by author Edward Wilson in the Guardian, I am very grateful to the Soviet Navy officer. During the most tense moment of Cold War, the submarine he was doing service has been attacked in international waters by US Navy destroyers with depth charges. Not knowing that these charges were only practice devices and without being able to monitor radio traffic, the captain of the submarine Valentin Grigorievitch Savitsky thought that nuclear war has started was about to launch a nuclear torpedo. The Americans in turn did not know about the nuclear armement of the soviet submarine.All three officers on board of the soviet submarine have to agree to launch a nucear device – only Vasili Arkhipov refused and insisted on surfacing and waiting for further orders from Moscow. A decision that prevented possibly a nuclear warfare.

The Man Who Saved The World