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A Saudis Nuclear Bomb?


_70947139_4f8ad3f7-3aeb-4df6-a025-cbb5b027d9d8The Middle East conflict about a possible Iranian nuclear bomb forces Saudi Arabia to come up with a strategy plan.  According to Mark Urban of  BBC News Middle East there are assumptions made by UN Officials that the Saudis are in connection with Pakistan to buy nuclear weapons.

“Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects, and believes it could obtain atomic bombs at will, a variety of sources have told BBC Newsnight.”

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Most interesstingly, Newsnight confronted the Saudi Arabian government with the article mentioned above – and got no explicit denial.   What does the Saudi government’s nuclear statement mean?

It is obvious that struggles over regional hegemonies are strikingly affected by the deterrent function of atomic arsenal. Opposing nations states fear an immense insecurity and disadvantage in not having equivalent means to concurring parts. As found in BBC Newslight a strategy paper leaked 10 years ago by Saudi officals included three points as possible responses:

“Acquiring own weapons; relying on another country to defend them; and working for a nuclear-free Middle East.”

It seems as the Saudis lost their ambitions on focussing on a nuclear-free zone, regarding the already existing competition of secretly driven nuclear build up.